Arriving & Leaving Lisbon

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking.

Our flight is ending as we are arriving to Lisbon in a couple of minutes.

Today is a sunny day with a temperature of 22 degrees celsius.

There are no clouds in the sky and the city of the seven hills is waiting for you!”

You’ll arrive to Lisbon Airport and here you can choose to get Home by Taxi, Uber or Metro.
The Metro is the cheapest transport, but if you have heavy luggage or kids, maybe it’s not the best option!

To get the Taxi, you just need to go outside and stay in the queue for a Taxi.

Resultado de imagem para viva card

Otherwise if you prefer the Uber, maybe you can teach me…

Regarding the Metro, you’ll need to buy your transport VIVA card in the metro machines and after you’ll need to pay for, at least, one trip per card.

Than you’ll take the red line into Saldanha station, where you’ll exit and get the yellow line into Rato station.

After you exit Metro, in Rato station (end of line station), you’ll have to go all the way up to Pedro Àlvares Cabral Avenue until you get to a roundabout, where you have two Estrela Garden entrances. Pick the entrance on your right and cross the garden into the other side until you get to Basilica da Estrela Square.
There you turn into your left and follow to Calçada da Estrela Street.

Your Home is on number 82, third floor, Left (3E). It’s a corner building. Please, just ring the bell for 3E and we’ll open you the door as we’ll be waiting for you there.

Have a nice flight and arrival to Lisbon!

To leave the city, you can do your way back or you can ask us to book a taxi for you.