We are Maria & Joana, mother and daughter standing for two different generations but with a common passion, get to know people from other cultures and make them feel welcome in our marvellous city, Lisboa.

I’m Maria da Graça and I was born and raised in Figueira da Foz, a small shore city not far from Coimbra. I remember with “saudade” my childhood where I played with paper dolls and open the door to the milkman. Today, I realised that by that time life was so much simple… and sustainable. I still remember the day that my father brought a TV to our home. All my neighbours runned into our home to see the cartoons. My dad was one of Figueira da Foz nurses and was very loved by the local community as he was always available to help and take care of those who come for his help.

But I grew up, as we all do, studied in Coimbra and became a teacher. A highschool teacher, in a time where men were not comfortable with women with studies. Even my father, expected from me no more than a kindergarden teacher. I didn’t get swimming lessons or learn to ride a bycicle because it was not proper for women to do it…

But as many women of my generation, we started to make the path for the next generations and today things are very different from that time.

When I was almost 30, I came to Lisbon with my husband and fall in love for this beautiful city. Here I became a mother of two and spent all my career. I loved teaching and I believe that I made a difference in the lifes of many of the students that I came across with.

Today, I’m retired and continue to live in Estrela. It has been almost 40 years and I know by heart that this is one of the best places to live in Lisbon or to get to know the city during a short stay.

Maria & Joana
Maria & Joana

I’m Joana and I was born and raised in Lisbon, which means that I’m a real “alfacinha”. I went to Estrela garden since my first days of life and I grew up running into this magical place where I went up the trees, hided from my friends or played football at night with my parents and brother. I loved to do scientific explorations in a small stream that I discovered near a lake and pretended to be some “Jacques Costeau female version”.

All the schools that I attended were in this area and I went to a highschool where my mother was a teacher… how boring, can you imagine! But even worst, is that my mother became the headmaster :-O of that school! Well, but I survived and graduated in an area that I am passionate about, the Environmental area. All my teenage life I imagined myself in boats studying aquatic mammals and believed that I could do a difference in the planet by sharing this passion and love for the Ocean.

Today, and after working in the area of my degree for over ten years, I continue to feel an enormous passion for the Ocean, that I keep “feeding” with my love for sailing.

Owning a classic sailing boat – THOR and working in a sailing company, gives me the freedom to spend most of my time where I love most – the river Tagus!

Cherished by us, THOR has been recovered recently, mainly by ourselves and has been the perfect setting to explore Lisbon by our guests.

I hope that you feel tempted to sail in THOR, cause this will be an opportunity to see Lisbon from a unique perspective and learn a bit more about how to protect and love the Ocean!